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Loofah Cat Toys! Our favorite natural fiber organic cat toys

Loofah cat toys!

Loofah cat toys are an interesting new idea. If your cat has a habit of eating things it shouldn’t, loofah is probably not a terrible alternative to plastic.

99% of cat toys are made of plastic poly fibers. Nothing about that is environmentally friendly and if your cat eats the stuff it’s horrible. Plastic fibers don’t break down, and internally they can cause serious injury requiring major surgery.

Cat toys made of organic fibers like loofah or straight up dried grass are an amazing idea. They’re not expensive, and they’re disposable. Here’s a few natural cat toy ideas we dig:

Mouse and Fish Made of Loofah

loofah cat toys fish

Eco-Loofah Pineapple

natural cat toys

Eco-Loofah Carrot

organic cat toys

Feel free to comment below with your cool cat toy ideas!